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May 30th is Memorial Day, a federal holiday for remembering the people who gave their lives in service to their country. The holiday was originally called Decoration Day after the Civil War in 1868. It was a time to decorate the graves of those who died in battle with flowers.

Today many people visit cemeteries and memorials to decorate graves of loved ones with flowers and tiny American flags. It is a moment to remember the sacrifices of others who died to give us freedom. This holiday has parades and picnics honoring fallen service members. It is also a time to pause, reflect and remember all those who no longer are with us.

At the very least Memorial Day should remind us never to forget others who have gone before us.

If you are in town this weekend join us for part 5, The Bucket List. This week we’ll share why WORSHIP is in the Bible and what it might look like today. Part of every private and public worship service should include remembering what God has done for each of us; giving Jesus, His One and only Son to die on the Cross. I often say, “God is for everyone. Not everyone knows. We have to tell everyone.” Join us this weekend and bring a guest as we remember some things that really matter.

I just saw the person next to me give a friend a free lunch. It was a surprise apparently. The person was speechless; then with a big smile said, “thank you.”

That’s what worship is about. Getting something free and unexpected. His Name is Jesus. We’re all speechless at first. Then when we understand what really happened we want to say, “thank you.” That’s what worship is about.

Let’s remember stuff that’s important this weekend. Jesus is for you.


p.s. Thanks for remembering to give your resources generously and regularly to our Journey mission.

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