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What will you be remembered for after you are long gone? This weekend is our final message in our series, The Bucket List. We have considered some of the things we might want to accomplish before our life is finished on earth. This week we’ll share a few relevant thoughts found in the Bible regarding things that will matter as part of our legacy.

Have you thought about that lately? Have you ever thought about what you will hand down? What will your children receive? What are you handing down even now to your friends and family? Another way to ask this question might be, “What are you pursuing every day that really matters.”

This is not a new idea; it is an important one though. All through history there are plenty of people who have wasted their life in vain pursuits, just wandering the sidewalks of life going nowhere. Others have regretted punching a time clock and paying bills week after week, never really enjoying anything they bought.

Is there another option? How can we know for sure? If you are in town this weekend join us for this final segment of our series. We’ll try to answer this question together in our weekend worship experience with God and each other.

At Journey we don’t have all the answers to your questions. Often we don’t have any answers to some of your questions. Still, I am confident God has answers for all of us in the Bible as it relates to everyday, walk-around life. These are a few of the things we’ll try to share with you this weekend. God is for you. He is not against you. We’re in this together.

I hope you can join us and bring a guest to check things out in the Journey audience. I promise we’ll go out of way to make them feel welcome and right at home. Your invite may become part of your forever legacy; helping someone who is searching for real answers in their life.

Thank you ahead of time for considering sharing a part of your summer life with us this weekend at Journey Church.


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