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Shout out

This weekend is Father’s Day. I would like say, to all dad’s everywhere, you are appreciated. If your father is still living, I hope this blog spot might spur you to somehow express a few simple words of thanks with a card, note, email, lunch, or phone call. If your dad is no longer living this may be a great time to remember some of the best times you shared.

Just a moment ago I drove past a man who I notice almost daily. I am certain he is catching his ride to work somewhere. He wears work boots and carries a lunch bucket just like I remember my grandfather and my dad each day. Can I give a shout out to all dads’ who have and still do go to work every day to provide a home and shelter for their family? Go Dad.

This weekend at Journey worship is part two in our series, The Vow. Last week we took a glance at what our priorities need to be in order to have healthy relationships. This weekend, we’re going to share how to never stop pursuing your love with God and your marriage mate. I promise this has tons of application whether you are now or ever hope to be happily married someday. We are in this together, married, single, or divorced. Our past does not define us. Jesus defines us.

If you are in town this weekend, make some space in your schedule to join us. Will you do me a favor? Will you pray and consider bringing someone with you? Sometimes just an INVITE is not enough to get someone here. If you have not been regular in any church, going inside a strange location with people you have never met may be too overwhelming.

At Journey we say this all the time: “We would do anything to make your day better tomorrow than it was today.” Sometimes it means going the extra mile and even bringing a new guest to worship at Journey. Or meeting them in the parking lot and walking in the building with them to help them feel confident you are with them. Pray about people that might really be impacted in a positive way by this series, and help them arrive this weekend.

See you in one of our weekend services. Journey Saturday @ 6pm or Sunday @ 10:30am. And oh, one more thing... we’re doing a Dad’s day drawing for $25 Outback meal for one lucky dad. All they have to do is be here and drop their name in the bucket. We’ll pull out some lucky dad at the introduction in my message this week. It’s going to be fun!

See you and Dads on the weekend. Dads’ rock.

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