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Your Twenty year-old self

The delivery guy from the warehouse supply just wheeled in water and paper goods for the weekend coffee bar for Journey worship. His two-wheel cart was full to the top and he commented, “I am going to be the healthiest person at the nursing home some day.” His truck of deliveries had been full all day and he had been very active lifting and unloading heavy things. Delivery truck guys stay active and in pretty good shape.

Funny thing though, the water guy’s comment made me think of the other end of the timeline. Instead of the nursing home years I began thinking back to a younger time in life. If we could go backwards for a moment what advice would you give your younger self? What have life experiences taught you that might have proven helpful way back then? What might you do differently in your twenties if you knew what you knew now?

This weekend is part three in our series, The Vow. So far we have considered our priorities and pursuits in marriage. You can catch both these talks on the website if you missed them. They are posted each Tuesday: This weekend we’ll take a look at the partnership in marriage. I promise there is something for everyone in these lessons whatever your marital situation. I really think you will find this helpful.

I was often reluctant to take advice in my younger years. I bet you could say the same? I am glad that others helped me to better understand my foolish mistakes. Who are the people in your life that you allow to guide and shape your future? Everyone, whatever age needs older, wiser mentors who have wisdom from life experiences.

If you are not in a J group (small group) with a few other people this might be something to consider? Shawn Hunt is the captain of J groups. He would be happy to give you a chance to ask more questions? Let us know and we’ll hook you up with him.

We often say at Journey, “We’re in this together.” We truly desire to help people make the best decisions in life and become a better version of themselves. I hope you can be with us this weekend in one of our weekend services. We’ll share another relevant lesson on relationships.

Bring a summer guest. This would be a great time to help someone get started on his or her own Journey. Let’s do this together.


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