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Hardest to Forgive

Sometimes in life, the hardest person to forgive is ourself. What do you think? Sooner or later we all end up with egg on our face. We’ve probably seen it happen to others and we told ourselves, “That’s never going to happen to me.” And then without explanation, the stars shifted in the night and we did something, said something, or maybe both. And now we live to regret an ugly chapter in our life.

This weekend is the final lesson in our summer series, The Vow. Maybe you have been in our Journey audience for each of these talks? My mission has been to help and not hurt anyone. Failed relationships are the reality of many families today. I am sensitive and understand how easily a wound can be reopened. I promise you, we are in this together. I am praying for you as we wrap up this relevant topic.

When mistakes have been made in relationships what’s the best thing a person can do? Is there a clear Biblical process to remove the guilt and shame? How can we come out of the darkness into Jesus forgiveness and a better version of ourselves? Is there any hope for reconciliation?

If any of these questions speak to you, or someone you know, give Journey weekend worship a part of your busy summer schedule. I promise we’ll share three or four key thoughts from the Bible that can make a lot of sense, whether married, divorced, or considering marriage again or for the first time.

If you have struggled in the past with letting go of things this lesson can help you restore some confidence. Nobody can get it right all the time. Sooner or later there are regrets and then difficult question, now what?

“God is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody.” We say this often at Journey but I know it can never be spoken too often. Every week people come together for worship and imagine that God can’t or won’t forgive my mistakes and failures.

Please, before giving up and throwing in the towel, give God a chance to restore things in your heart and family that have been broken. Not every relationship will be fully restored to health; still, give God time in the process to work things out if you can. With God, anything is possible.

I hope to see you in one of our summer audiences at Journey in a couple of days. I am going to continue praying for you and whatever challenges are real threats to your spiritual health. No matter how ugly our personal “I blew it” moment has been, keep in mind, Grace wins. God is greater than our failures.


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