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Trading a Favor...

Connie and I are out of town this week at the North American Christian Convention, Anaheim, California. It is a great change of pace for us both. In addition, we have connected with our son and our daughter-in-law who live in San Francisco. Right now, I am sitting in a Starbucks eating oatmeal and drinking iced coffee. It’s a nice, relaxing morning.

This weekend, Randy is going to cover for me at Journey. He has put together some personal thoughts and will share them in a weekend talk at Journey worship. Give him your support. This is something new for him, and I am confident you will be inspired by his presentation.

He is doing me a huge favor by picking up my duties so Connie and I can be away. In life, all of us have opportunities every day to trade a favor, so to speak for others. A complete stranger may need us to hold a door open for a second as they enter. We may need the same favor from someone else later in the day.

At Journey, we try to continue the conversation each week that Jesus would trade a favor with a complete stranger. What I mean by this, Jesus would be nice whenever possible and go the extra mile, engaging with all kinds of people everywhere. Journey really desires to be the kind of Church where anybody could feel they belong; because Jesus would.

There are plenty of important things we’re still developing at Journey. However, after nine years, we’ve gotten really good at trading Jesus-kind-of-favors all over the place. Journey serves new guests and helps make them feel welcome; often this leads to returning guests who become volunteers and help us welcome other new guests. We’re truly all in this thing together. It is a partnership and teamwork that communicates constantly that God is for everybody and everybody can do something.

Hey, just now, I asked a total stranger at the table in Starbucks if he would watch my laptop while I went back for an iced coffee refill. He was glad to keep on an eye on my things for a moment; and in return, a few minutes later he asked if I might watch his laptop as he got a drink. Our table became a friendly connection for a moment in the world. It’s really is nice to be nice.

Do me a favor, if you’re in town this weekend, join the Journey audience and show your support to Randy and the worship team. Maybe I can return the favor to you next time. It’s nice to be nice.

Bobby D

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