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Is it just me, or has anyone else found it difficult to stay on track this summer with normal routines? I try to make it a point to be a regular at the local YMCA three times weekly. More often this summer I’m hoping to make it to the gym twice a week. Even my Bible App has reminded me I have not been as consistent getting all my daily Bible reading completed on time. As soon as I finish writing this blog I have a couple days reading to catch up.

Connie and I just returned from a week in Anaheim, California attending the annual North American Christian Convention and a few days to relax and refresh. We joined up with our son and his wife who live in San Francisco. We met friends from all over and generally changed up our normal daily routine. It was one of the best events in our life for quite some time. Everybody needs a break sooner or later; we were ready for a break and Southern California was the perfect place to reboot!

Arriving back home has been an adjustment though. I am still feeling jet lag after travel from the west coast with three time zone changes; getting to California makes for a very long day. The high humidity and heat we felt at 1am, walking outside the Louisville airport to our car was clearly no longer Disneyland. It always takes a little time for us to adjust and get back into the normal routines of life.

If you have experienced a little slippage this summer in the things you normally do with some regularity welcome to the human race. Maybe you’ve even gotten out of the habit of making worship a regular part of your schedule? May I ask you to consider starting up again this weekend at Journey?

I roll out a new four week series, THE STORY OF EVERYTHING. If you’ve ever felt that 774,000 words in the Bible are too many for you to ever read and understand, this series may be for you. We’ll use four words to help guide us through discovery: GOD, SIN, JESUS, and CHURCH. I promise this series will be helpful and relevant to your understanding of two really important questions: Who is God? Who am I?

I hope you will join us in one of our weekend times. Journey Sat@6pm/ Sun@10:30am. Bring a friend or guest who maybe has planned to begin things again that have slipped a little. We’re all in this together. Oh, yeah, a big shout out to Randy for doing me a big favor and filling in last weekend. He did a terrific job. Check his message out on our Journey website.


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