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The world is addicted to headlines and sound bites. Political barbs are thrown at opposing candidates like boxers before a title match. It seems that every big story is hardly reported before the search begins for the next big story. Everything is public and information is driven at break neck speed to be the first; first to report, post, tweet or text whatever is the current trending topic.

We live in a world of total churning and turning of thoughts and ideas. Not all of this is ridiculous of course. There is serious study, research and problem solving also at work in the world. However, it takes a filter to sort through what is worthy of your time and attention.

This weekend we are sharing part two of the summer series, THE STORY OF EVERYTHING. If you missed the introduction last week the podcast is posted on our website:

Here’s the big idea last week that we were sharing: The Bible is so big and full of words (approximately 774,000) how could anyone ever hope to find a simple way to understand it?

In an effort to make things in the Bible simple, easy to share and understand we’re framing this series in just four words: God, sin, Jesus, and Church. Last week we answered two vital questions: Who is God? Who am I?

This weekend we’ll answer another question that a lot of us will be able to relate to and appreciate. Here’s the one big idea this weekend: How might you/I avoid making bad choices?

I believe this series is worth your time and attention during your busy summer schedules. Journey cares. God cares. We’re in this together. God is for us, and not against us. I promise our weekend worship and message will offer some alternatives for all of us to consider that are helpful.

So, if you’re tired of just throwing your hands up at all the ridiculous things that get shared each day in the world, give us chance to share solid Bible truths that will matter. Invite a guest to join you at Journey worship and experience something new and fresh, different from the world's negativity.

God is good,


P.S. - THIS Saturday, 9-2, is our annual FREE Journey yard sale. If you need anything, we might ​have it. It’s FREE!

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