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We're in this together

Even if it were a “zombie apocalypse” which took over your town, no need to panic. Jesus is THE “sheriff” who arrives each day in our life to restore order. It’s a promise in the Bible that is forever. If you haven’t read Romans 7:24-25 lately, or ever, this might be a good time to review why Jesus changes everything for everyone. It’s not fiction.

Our small rural community is expecting to be overrun with guests who are in town on Saturday for “The Walking Dead Day” event. It’s a great opportunity to show hospitality and be nice even if the subject matter of zombies is not your comic book interest.

It takes a lot of volunteers to stage an event of this size. I applaud the planners, businesses, and city/county government officials who are working together. People have differing views on most every subject these days, even the wisdom of this event in our town. I congratulate the people who have partnered to make the day a success.

This weekend at Journey worship we’ll share part 3 in our series, THE STORY OF EVERYTHING. Sometimes the Bible can feel intimidating and filled with so many words we’re not sure how to begin understanding, or sharing it better with others.

If this sounds like you this series is just what might help. We are discovering a simple way to understand the entire Bible in a few words. There are four key areas we’ve named: God, Sin, Jesus and Church. This weekend we’re going to see how God sent Jesus to be WITH us, up close every day when things come BETWEEN us.

In order that everyone could understand God is for us and not against us, Jesus came to earth, to be WITH us in our own journey. I hope you can join us in one of our weekend services. We’re in this together.


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