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You Could Be Next

Like many others, I have been watching the progress of the Summer Olympics in Rio this week. As expected, well-known Olympian athletes who’ve competed in previous contest lead in gold, silver, and bronze medals. It is also exciting to witness new stars being born in the Olympic Summer games for the first time.

In a few instances, smaller countries, with little known athletes, have surged ahead at the last moment winning medals against all odds. All these athletes inspire me to dream and imagine that anything is possible. I say this all the time at Journey, God can do anything in your life. I really believe that, and have seen it to be true over and over.

Many times marriages that had given up find new hope and surge ahead to make a happy home again. Individuals who have felt trapped and all alone arrive at place of worship. Friendly and sincere people, who want to help, welcome them. Before the service has ended, they feel as though they too could belong. It’s like winning a medal for many people who discover God is for them and not against them. YOU COULD BE NEXT.

This weekend is the fourth and final lesson in our summer series, THE STORY OF EVERYTHING. If you haven’t been able to attend services for this series, you can catch up online at our Journey website. Check out our website and take a look at the features provided. Share with your friends and acquaintances this helpful online way to engage Journey even before someone visits in person.

As I wrap this up, here is the takeaway: Jesus is for everybody. The Word is getting out. People you never imagined are showing up in weekend services. Some of them are going public and making Jesus decisions this weekend. We have scheduled five baptisms so far for Sunday worship.

Maybe there will be more; YOU COULD BE NEXT. Just text me or call (859.588.6642) if you have any questions about how baptism could be your next step at Journey.

Just like the summer Olympics in Rio, sometimes an unknown person from a tiny place wins a medal. YOU COULD BE NEXT.

Bobby D

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