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Becoming More and Getting Better

I am learning it can be a long way around the track. I try to jog and run regularly at the local YMCA. During this past summer, I needed to adjust my frequency of exercise because of travel. What I have noticed now that my summer is winding down, my stamina is not quite as strong as it was even 3 months ago.

I have decided I will have to work on building back time, distance, and frequency with some increased level of effort. Isn’t that the way it goes? Once we have let a good habit slip a bit it can be nearly impossible to reestablish the positive routine. It could be physical exercise or dieting or reading your Bible daily. When things interfere with normal activities it may be frustrating to start again.

This week our school systems are back in full swing. Kids and teachers have returned to classrooms. New fall schedules for carpools and after school events are being discussed and planned. Daycare centers have opened their doors to new parents who need time to adjust to leaving their prized possessions in the care of others. Emotions can run high during these seasons of change.

This weekend Journey is starting a special back-to-school series titled STAY POSITIVE. Mental health, like physical health, is a lot of work. We’re in this together. No one ever plans to let his or her thoughts drift into negative thinking. Would you like to discover a healthy, Biblical way to turn things around? What if the real answer to all negativity and discovering fresh optimism was already closer than you realize? Are you ready to hear more?

If you said yes, this series could be just what you and your family are looking for. Talk about this series with your entire family. Let friends and neighbors know this series is designed to help us laugh a little at ourselves; especially when life stretches us to our limits. If you are ready to have some fun in worship again, this series will bring a little relief.

Block some time for weekend worship at Journey in either of our services. Our Journey Saturday @6pm is identical to the Sunday @10:30am. The only difference is the size of the crowd. If you like a smaller audience and are not good about getting everyone up and going Sunday morning, try something different.

If you are already feeling winded with the starting of school, give God a chance to refresh your smile in worship. I promise the first four minutes of our weekend worship at Journey this week will erase some of the tension. Are you ready to be more optimistic? Let’s do this…

Bobby D

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