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Stay Positive

Yesterday was not my normal office day. My iPhone has had some serious issues for a few months. I have noticed that it was not charging properly. Also, the home button would not function correctly unless I pressed it a certain way. After several weeks I decided, by chance, to take the protective case off the phone. To my dismay, I discovered the glass front of my phone along the left hand edge of the phone body was separating.

I had earlier asked numerous people if they had any idea what might be happening. Finally, I Googled my problem and discovered my particular phone had an issue with the battery. Over time the internal battery swells and causes the phone to come apart. This separation of my phone was not visible until I removed the protective case.

After weeks, I was relieved to have a diagnosis. Isn’t it always the not knowing what to do for a fix that becomes the most disturbing part? The solution to my problem ultimately resulted in a purchase of a new phone. I was quite happy to move on and find some closure. However, technology is never free. I was away from my usual routine for most of the day and the replacement of my phone was costly.

As I left the phone store over two hours later, new phone in hand, and an expensive credit card receipt in my email, I found myself saying to the very helpful customer care person, “I’m staying positive.”

At Journey we launched a back-to-school series using that same title, “Stay Positive.” If you missed the first 4 minutes of part one last weekend check with someone who was here. The theme was “I’m Optimistic.” This may have been one of the funniest videos ever shared in any of my messages to-date. You can still listen online to the podcast:

This week is part two the message theme is “I’m Grateful.” I will do my best to make my message another fun and helpful way to share Biblical guidance for Staying Positive. We’ll consider simple ways to choose gratitude rather than grumpy-tude.

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