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Hold onto your hat

Welcome to fall. Today is the first official day of fall on the calendar. I could tell it's fall by the sneezes from allergies and pollen in the air. Also, weekend football games have become another popular pastime, as fans are busy picking the winners and losers. How is your team doing so far?

Brilliant and colorful fall foliage becomes the anticipated road trip in the Northeast as leaves begin to change. Colder air begins to drop farther South and the fall winds become strong and gusty. This is the time of year that a person has to hold on to their hat.

This weekend at Journey we wrap up our back-to-school series, Stay Positive. If you are new at Journey in our weekend audience or have discovered us online, just a reminder - this entire series is on our website along with other messages archived. A brand new feature is available on our new Journey app, JCommunity - live streaming of our message each Sunday at 10:30am EST

Just as families become extremely active as school returns each fall, our Journey family is busy in our community. Our new tools to help us stay engaged and connected are one of the ways we practice better communication to everyone. Even if you never have a chance to attend our worship in person, we want to make it possible for you to feel you can belong to a place called Journey by listening in each week.

The final lesson in our series is “I’m Confident.” Maybe after a couple football games in the season your team has lost a bit of their confidence? All of us have certainly found challenges each week for Staying Positive. Like weather that often changes quickly and drastically, our circumstances are always shifting on the ground in our every day life.

A person needs to hold tight to their hat when the wind blows. I hope you will join us this weekend in person, and bring a new guest. I promise we’ll make them feel welcome and share some helpful insight from the Bible that can guide all of us through whatever storms appear.

Looking forward to seeing you and sharing more exciting things at Journey worship. The fall promises to be full of surprise and excitement. We’re planning our next car give-away for a family and we’ll be partnering again with a home build in our community through next spring. We’ll share more details on both these outreach opportunities very soon.

Journey's fall season is going to be really fun for everyone. We truly are a church where almost anyone would love to belong. Thanks for everything you are doing and giving each week to make this all possible. Go God!

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