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What's for Supper?

September 29, 2016


If you are the cook in your kitchen you need a plan. People are depending on you to do the shopping and put something on the table. Whatever happens in this life, we need a plan. Before you head out to work, to the carpool, a doctor appointment, or to propose marriage to someone, you need a plan. People need a plan when moving through life. 


This summer I watched several hours of the Summer Olympics in Rio. Clearly the athletes from all over the world had a plan to compete and win the best medals possible for their country. To become world class in every endeavor requires a plan.   


This weekend we launch a new fall series, The Plan. For the next four weekends we’ll share some of Jesus famous words and challenges from the Gospel of Luke. God has a plan for your life; He is for us and not against us. He will coach us like a trainer who is in our corner each day when we let Him take charge.   


If you are new in the kitchen making meals for a family, or new at following Jesus, to be our best requires a solid plan. So may I be a little bold and ask, “What’s your plan?” If you hope to be married soon or have a family soon or change jobs soon, what’s your plan?  And if you hope to honor God and your family with the rest of your life, what’s your plan?


This weekend set aside part of your schedule to gather with others in one of the Journey services. That’s a plan that can help: Saturday @ 6pm or Sunday @10:30am. We’ll be pulling out the recipe book called the Bible. We’ll point out a few of the most important ingredients everyone needs to put in their shopping cart to be their best for Jesus, on His team. 


I hope you will join us and bring a Journey guest. Just ask someone what their plans are for the weekend. You can help them try out a place, called Journey, where everyone can belong; maybe even share a recipe you like.  Like we often say, “We’re in this together.”


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