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That Burns

I just read a blog from a friend who wrote, “Leading, Bleeding, and Saying the Hard Things.” He shared a painful childhood story, from his past, to emphasize how hard it can be to lead others in ministry to be their best. My friend described how his mom would “doctor things” when he skinned up a knee while playing outside.

She would send him to the dreaded medicine cabinet for the Tincture Merthiolate that burned like liquid fire when applied directly to the wound. This illustration brought back my own memories of that orange red stuff in a bottle. I remembered that my grandmother used it for painting a bad scrape on my belly when I fell on a picket while walking the picket fence in our yard.

As best I recall, this fiery medicine was called by different names and came in various bottles on the drugstore shelf. And pretty much I can say this home remedy treatment always had the same result - the orange stuff stained your skin, killed the germs, and made boys cry.

I’m not one to hold a grudge, and I loved my grandma’s homemade biscuits, but her treatment for cuts and scrapes felt worse than the belly scrape. Getting well and being better is not always painless; but we all need a plan that works. Jesus has a plan for each of us, and it works.

This episode in the treatment of wounds could describe many of life’s experiences. All of us will encounter various injuries; some physical - others emotional, mental and spiritual. Often we have to push through some pain and discomfort to find healing. We seek advice and treatment that is trustworthy, and has a history of success.

Jesus has words that are trustworthy. His chosen treatment of our injuries may sting and bite a bit just like the fiery stuff in the bottle; but He promises we can fully recover; His instructions won’t kill us. Do hard things; Grace covers everything.

Invite a Journey guest to join us in one of our services. Try our Saturday @6pm worship if you have plans for Sunday. This weekend, part two in the current series, The Plan, we’ll consider more of Jesus words that produce a better story and a better version of ourselves.

What would you say to a potential guest? Just ask if they’ve ever wondered how to elevate their game at home or work and become the better person. Most everyone would like a PLAN for how to make a larger impact in the world. This lesson from Jesus words could be exactly what we need to hear.

See you in one of our Journey gatherings. Hey, ask your friend if they’ve ever met up with the “fire” in a bottle treatment; that’s a great way to begin a Jesus conversation.

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