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What's it Cost?

Being located next door to Auto Zone and two doors down from Chinese Buffet in a strip mall has its advantages. We’ve laughed many time and said, “Come get your oil changed, eat Chinese food and worship at Journey.” Our location is often an asset for meeting and engaging with people every day.

Just now I was just speaking with one of our Journey families who is getting some help with a car battery before cold weather. What is it about vehicles? Everything mechanical will need to be replaced sooner or later. Who hasn’t driven away from the car lot in a brand new or nearly new purchase feeling confident our worries are over; only to regret, in a few months, repairs or replacement parts way too soon.

This weekend we share part 3 in our series, THE PLAN, there is a cost associated with everything in life, even following Jesus. A real life plan that works is not free. If you got a car, you have payments. If you go to college, you have tuition. If you enjoy a swimming pool, you have to clean it. If you’re going to be married, you’ll have to work together.

At Journey we are a different kind of church; continually we share everything we possibly can for free, hoping to engage those who have not yet arrived with God’s love. We help build Habitat style homes for people who can’t qualify at lending institutions for lack of income. We give away cars to people who walk to work, take public transportation and share rides. We do these things to help convince people, sometimes far from God, that God is for everybody.

Once a person arrives at Journey and finds a place that feels like family; a home they can belong and grow with others, our Journey mission shifts into another gear. Our talk moves from getting FREE stuff, to DOING stuff for others. Our goal becomes training, teaching and developing new people who’ve arrived, how to get their own Jesus story started, going public with a decision, then deploy new Jesus followers to return and bring more people who are curious about God.

This has been Jesus PLAN for His Church since leaving the apostles in Jerusalem, following His resurrection. (Acts 1-3). When you arrive at Journey, we are just trying to repeat the words Jesus spoke to us all. Keep things simple; Simple Church, loving God and loving people. Jesus' message is clear and simple but it isn’t FREE. It has a cost involved like anything of value; like having a strong car battery for winter.

Giving and sharing our time, talent, and treasure for the primary benefit of others is never cheap, but it is God’s Plan for the Church; rewards will be in heaven. You will see people you’ve helped guide along the path to Jesus; there with you forever, in heaven. Wow, Priceless.

I hope you can join us at Journey worship weekend. It’s always a great PLAN.

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