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Personal Trainer

After the final Presidential debate, whomever you believe was the winner; clearly there are lots of people working behind the scenes for both parties organizing the high stakes face-off. None of us make it through life without some important coaching, planning, training, and collaborating sessions now and then.

You may never run for a public office; still we can all use a hand. Training and coaching gets started very early in life. Along with parents, pre-school and kindergarten teachers are often there to prep us for years and years of classroom study, which lies ahead of us as students.

Hats off to all the teachers who helped guide us to our eventual adult life and chosen career. In a similar way, if you played sports in school, had vocal training, or band rehearsal - someone was there helping, coaching, and guiding you through each level of performance.

I was recently watching a young family with two small children enter a local family restaurant. The parents had their hands full just trying to shuffle everyone to a table to be seated. One of the children had arrived unhappy and was being very vocal. The manager of the restaurant noticed what was happening; he came quickly to their aid, carrying some of the food trays to the table. Clearly these parents appreciated another set of hands.

This weekend we wrap up our four-week series, The Plan. We have repeated throughout this short series everyone needs a plan to become the best version of themselves; like competing athletes in the Olympics who desire to win medals.

Whether you’ve been here throughout the series or you are just joining us this weekend, we want to help. We really are in this thing called life, together. We’re all better when we can get a little coaching or maybe a personal trainer who can show us what might be missing in our routine.

God is for you, and not against you. He has given us several tips in the Bible for performing at a peak level in our every-day walk around life. We’ll consider a few of those coaching tips this weekend at Journey worship. If Sunday Journey worship @10:30am is off the board in your busy weekend schedule try the Journey Saturday @6pm.

Bring a new guest or sit with a returning guest. Help someone join in and check things out. I promise we’ll all leave feeling like we’ve gotten some needed personal attention in our life. Your best days are still in front of you. Go God!

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