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Just Go

My guys small group meets at Starbucks each Tuesday. We are reading through Jon Weece’s book, “Jesus Prom.” Tuesday, we kept coming back to a line in chapter ten, “When we stop moving, we start dying.” This is a truth that has many applications.

Lack of physical exercise will impact our health throughout life. As we age the most active people often have fewer illnesses and physical limitations. Things like heart disease and obesity are often preventable with regular medication and exercise. It just makes great sense to keep moving for as long as we can.

This same principle is true in our spiritual health. We are at our best when we are doing things; serving, caring, giving for others. The church was never meant to be a place for spectators to arrive and sit. Instead, it is a place to gather and then GO serve others.

Jon says, “The church needs to be in the worst neighborhoods, in the worst schools, and in the worst cities. When everyone leaves, we move in. We roll up our sleeves and serve in such a way that the worst places on earth become the best places.”

This weekend at Journey we continue part two of our series, RESET. Sometimes we discover things in our life that need to change. This week we’ll discover fresh insight, answering this question: WHAT is Jesus like?

If you’re a new or inquiring person of Jesus and still have questions regarding your own faith, this lesson can help. If you have followed Jesus but have stopped moving and growing in your faith, this lesson can get you started moving again.

This could be a great weekend to INVITE a friend to join you at Journey. It might be the start of something really big for you and for them. As Jon Weece writes in Jesus Prom, “The people who need Jesus the most won’t come to you. You have to go to them.”

We say this all the time, “We’re in this together.” Whatever is going on in your life - just keep moving. Join us this weekend at Journey. We’ll dig around together a bit; searching for Jesus and His Truth. Let’s GO!

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