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How do you make that?

Remember when you were a kid, and watched an older person make a perfect bow tie knot for their shoelaces? If you were like me in my younger self, you kept fumbling with those two big rabbit ear loops, making them just right, but never sure what to pull or tighten. What a great sense of accomplishment you felt when finally you were able to tie that first shoelace all by yourself.

At Journey we are in this thing together. We often share; a follower of Jesus is a disciple who makes a disciple. Maybe that can feel something like learning how to tie your shoelaces for the first time. We want to help. We want to come alongside you and coach you a little, like learning to tie shoelaces for the first time. Don’t feel badly if it seems you are still fumbling for the right words. We’ve all been there and done that.

One way we can coach you toward some progress in making a disciple is keeping things really simple. We just want to connect with you often and stay engaged as much as possible. We want you to know we really care. Often we have helpful information to share. Hopefully, you can frequently share it others. It’s part of the process when a disciple makes another disciple.

This weekend at Journey we continue our current series RESET from the Gospel of Mark. I promise these words and actions of Jesus in this part of the Bible can help everyone become a better version of themselves.

If you missed the first lesson we share: Jesus is a friend of everyone, just believe it. Last week in part two we shared: The people who need Jesus the most will not come to you. You have to go to them. This weekend in part three we find: Everybody makes mistakes. It’s not over.

Even if the whole church thing seems too hard, like trying to learn to tie your shoelaces for the first time, that’s ok. We understand. Remember we’re in this together. Hope you can invite a guest to join us as we share together. Don’t forget we’re wrapping up our car give-away this weekend. You can still make a donation that is matched by a donor!

See you in one of our weekend services.

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