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We wrap up our series this weekend from the Gospel of Mark. Many of you have made each weekend. Several people are even listening to the series from our Sunday morning live stream on the JCommunity app. Let us know if you find this worship option important to you. We’re in this together; when unable to be here in person, this is one way to stay engaged. 

An awful lot has happened in our world since I began this short four-week series. For one thing our clocks have all turned back one hour from Daylight Savings time that began in March. That certainly requires a reset of sorts. If you are like me your body clock is still trying to resettle things in your sleep/wake habits.

Also our nation has elected a new President-elect Trump. Whichever candidate you voted for, or, even if you chose not to exercise your vote, this national decision requires a reset of many important issues for every citizen.

Life is never static and things are constantly in a state of change or decay. This weekend we’ll put all the ribbons and bows on this series as we move-on to another relevant topic to share. Before we go, I hope you can grab one more inward glance at the very helpful words of Jesus. Our slice of his story this weekend is spent in trying to highlight: What did/does Jesus value?

The short answer to this important question: Jesus values relationships. Clearly Jesus taught the things that matter most are our relationship with God and with people. We commonly call Matthew 22:36-37, The Greatest Commandment. When interviewed by the religious leaders in the early first century, Jesus confirmed that relationships trump everything else.

The knowledge of this important information from Jesus’ teaching in the Gospel of Mark creates a bit of a puzzle (conundrum) or riddle for all of us. With so many things to be done, how can we do it all? Jesus words challenge us to reset priorities and live with greater purpose each day.

At Journey we openly express this Jesus Truth: People Matter Most. Modern life offers many rewarding, enjoyable choices each day; none are more valued by Jesus than caring and engaging with people, especially those seeking Good News. How does anyone decide what to do next? 

As technology equips us to enlarge our impact and footprint each day, only Jesus can guide us to what matters most. Sometimes we must stop doing what is good in order to start doing what is better.

See you at Journey weekend. Better get out a coat; going to need a winter reset!

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