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Happy Thanksgiving

Sometimes the simplest things get lost in the busy shuffle of life. A cardboard box with a turkey and canned goods inside can change the world for someone. I love Thanksgiving and the opportunity it becomes to show people that Jesus cares and that People Matter Most. We are in this together. God is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody. A pumpkin pie with turkey and trimmings can be one of the best ways to tell them. 

Last night Journey volunteers delivered 15 boxes to families unable to have a traditional meal like most of us will enjoy. We try not to duplicate what other churches and service groups provide at Thanksgiving. We want to be the over-achievers in the community where we live. We want to set the Jesus example for loving on others; serving people that others may miss. It is not easy, but it's extremely rewarding. 

We identify those who may get overlooked or have physical limitations for getting out of their home for a meal. After over nine and half years of being a church for the community, our volunteer teams have gotten better each year. We don’t always get it right, but more often than not, it is a very humbling experience. Our hearts are touched when helping those with fewer resources. Our small boxes are making a Jesus impact on Thanksgiving Day.

Maybe this week can be a great time to refocus a few things in your own life. For a few short hours each year, in a world often very divided, people come together. God is honored and kind words are expressed around tables of blessing.

Let’s do this. When you bow your heads to pray just say, “Hey, we’re in this together.” Be nice; across the table, down the street, around the corner or around the world. Help others say, “Wow God. Go God!”

Hope to see you at our Journey weekend. We launch a new series, The End of Me. If you feel maybe a need to pivot a bit making a right-turn in a new direction before the end of year this series could help. INVITE someone to join us. Who would ever attend a party without an INVITATION? Most people say they would attend a service if INVITED by a friend. Why not give it a shot this week.

Happy Thanksgiving. God is still really good… 

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