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Coupon Sharing

Yesterday I was in line at the local Subway restaurant when a family in front of me asked if I could use a food coupon? The food coupon didn’t work for my sandwich selection but a coupon invite broke out spontaneously. Immediately all of us began asking down the line if anyone could use this coupon?

None had planned to engage each other in line, especially strangers. Still, it just felt right and seemed the neighborly thing to do. Sharing with others can be contagious and break out like an epidemic of good stuff happening.

This weekend we have scheduled more baptisms at our Journey worship weekend. Maybe you would consider going public with your own Jesus decision. Word has gotten around town this is the kind of place where anyone could feel they belong. Each week I witness something like what happened to me at the Subway food line when people were just trying to be friendly, even to strangers. Often new guests who arrive at Journey leave smiling to invite others to try some of this for themselves.

When sharing Jesus, like sharing a food coupon for something good, everybody wins. I believe our “Jesus food” is healthy and good. We say that your past does not define you. A Jesus relationship can be your 'forever' identity. Nice moments created by giving, sharing, and inviting even strangers to worship - make it all more meaningful. I am sure this is a picture of what Jesus has in mind for His Church today.

This is the mission of the Church Jesus started on earth. After He gathered a few faithful followers who became disciples, they were sent out to just be nice and neighborly to everyone; something like coupon sharing. They were to do this in order to explain the real mission: Jesus is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody. This Jesus mission of niceness and caring and sharing pretty soon caught on and all sorts of people began to get on board. I think it’s catching on again in our world today by people searching for answers, meaning and purpose.

This weekend at Journey worship is part 2 in our series, The End of Me. We share clearly how everyone can make peace with God and make peace with your self. If you’ve already discovered and started your Jesus story maybe you would like to share an INVITE for someone who hasn’t?

Hey, it’s not as hard as you might think. Imagine sharing a FREE coupon in line with someone. It’s nice to be nice. Who knows, you might start a spontaneous epidemic of nice stuff all around.

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