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Never Easy

Today as I drove to the office the thermometer on my car dash read 6 degrees. The wind chill is below zero. The sun is shining, but that is deceiving; this is our coldest day in over a year. Did it have to be today? We’re giving away a car today for a single mom with two kids, working a job every day, but she has no transportation.

We’ve been working on this project for several weeks making repairs and touch ups. Several volunteers invested many hours of their time to help this turn out well. Everyone at Journey gave gifts and resources to make this give away possible.

This is our third car give-away to people working every day but have no transportation. When making this reveal and handoff, we try to take a used car and make it as nearly new as we can. This thing has new tires all around and all the mechanics of the car have been repaired that we are aware of. It should be a dependable way to work each day for this mom.

This weekend we’re wrapping up our winter series, The End of Me. If you able to join us we’ll take a last look at how we’re all in this together. The key thought this time is how everyone struggles at some level. On the day you hope to be outside and do a good deed the weather is brutally cold. It’s never easy.

I hope that you stay warm today and smile a lot. If you helped us in anyway to make this special gift possible that should warm your heart. God takes every small thing we offer and turns it into a big impact when shared together. Spread this Journey Christmas story around everywhere. Good news can be contagious. Other people can also catch on and do some remarkable and amazing things for a stranger. Go God.

I look forward to seeing you this weekend, as you bring a guest. This is a place people would like to belong. Also, don’t forget Sunday night at 6pm is our annual Dinner Theater for the most needy people in our community. We make their Christmas special with food, entertainment, and gifts to keep them warm all winter. Oh, and by the way, remember it’s FREE too.

Being nice is never easy but it is always worth it. It’s nice to be nice.

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