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Be You

Connie and I are on a flight right now to see our new granddaughter in California. Liv Rennie Duncan is seven days old and we’re anxious to meet her for the first time. I wonder what she’ll think of us? It is her first chance to meet us in person. There are so many firsts ahead of her. Imagine ever single day how many new experiences are in store for her in 2017.

You and I will also have many new experiences this year. This weekend the ball will drop once again in Times Square amid celebrations and excitement. If you are in town this weekend maybe you can join one of our weekend services at Journey. Randy is sharing a message for the New Year while I am out of town. He truly has a gift for presenting thoughts and ideas from the Bible. We are all blessed he is on our staff at Journey. Come and check things out.

Keep telling yourself and others that the best is yet to come - no matter your job, income or marital status. Don’t worry about everyone else. Just be your best self. You don’t have to try being someone else to find success and make everyone happy. Just be you, the person God has intended you to be.

Let’s worry less and enjoy more this year. The New Year is a good time to break old habits and begin new ones. As we often say at Journey, we’re in this thing together. God is still writing our story; it’s not over. If you’ve had a difficult chapter in 2016 God will help you turn the page for whatever is next.

Keep telling yourself and others we don’t have to be afraid or fear the unknown. Our relationship with God through Jesus brings fresh hope always. 2017 can be your best year ever.

If I could share one piece of advice for you and my one-week old granddaughter, Liv, what would it be? I would say, just be you. You’re perfect already. God is good.

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