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Believe More

Connie and I returned early yesterday morning from our post-Christmas trip to see our new granddaughter, Liv Rennie Duncan. Saying goodbye to loved ones living far away from us is always difficult, but God is with us all, everywhere we go. Whatever difficult moment you are facing today God is with you; believe it.

I know it can sound like something printed inside a Hallmark greeting card but truly, being a grandparent never gets old. This is grandchild number five for Connie and me. Each birth and each grandchild is special and unique. Holding and touching a two-week newborn feels so real, so innocent and right in the world. I can imagine it's something like how God feels about each of us.

Every life and birth is an amazing miracle from God. You matter to God; everyone does. The loving and longing feelings a parent and grandparent has for a newborn is the way God longs for a loving relationship with every person. When the Bible describes God loving all people (John 3:16), it might appear like standard courteous words printed on the page of any book. But truly God’s love for you is much more than that; believe it more this year.

If you’re like me at the beginning of a New Year, you’re wondering what might come next? If you’re still pondering for a thought to begin the New Year this one may be worthy: What can I expect to be true for me this year?

I am going to begin a new winter series, Getting Past Your Past, this weekend from the letter called Ephesians in the Bible. This is real and practical instruction for what happens after we begin to follow Jesus. I think this series might help all of us answer the things that are true and right for us in 2017. You might want to consider inviting a friend to be your guest in this series. This could be the best way to get someone’s New Year moving forward in a positive way.

Another shout out to Randy and his team of volunteers at Journey that allowed Connie and I to be with our brand new grandchild last weekend. God is good. Thanks team and great message for the New Year, Randy R.

Connie and I look forward to joining you in a few days for our weekend services at Journey and the new series, Getting Past Your Past. Our best days are still in front of us; just believe more this year.

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