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The Best Seats

I have a friend who frequently attends NBA basketball games. They must have corporate tickets, because these are great seats. Every time I see them post pictures on Facebook, they’re down on floor level close to the team bench. If you’ve ever sat in the nosebleed section at a sporting event or carried binoculars to the balcony for a sold out concert, you know that seats matter a lot.

This weekend at Journey worship we’ll explore another helpful study from the Bible series, Getting Past Your Past. For the next several weeks we’re checking out what practical words are found in the letter called Ephesians for new followers of Jesus.

We’ll spend some time together in the Bible answering important questions like these: What is real and true for each of us this year. What should we strive toward? What do we need most in 2017?

This weekend, in both our services, I share how vital it is to sharpen our focus and clarify a clearer vision. Getting our best understanding of God at work in our life might be compared to something like getting the best seats available down front at a ballgame or concert where you can really see everything happening.

If you are often here on a Journey weekend in our building and sitting in the back, maybe slide forward a few rows and see how everything looks and sounds up closer just a bit; its an idea.

For some people, who have never (or never in a long time) been regular in worship or Bible study, hearing about God stuff seems so distant and out of touch - like sitting in the bleachers. Others of us, even who have been in regular worship and Bible study for longer periods, might tend to take it all for granted like ushers at every game just helping people find seats. Just saying.

At Journey we are realizing how hard it is for all of to be focused and in a seat down front each weekend. We’ve started using “Facebook live” to stream our Sunday service for those who can’t make it. We’re really in this thing together and we would do almost anything to make your day better tomorrow than it was today.

One way we are trying to do this right now is to give you options; like a front row seat wherever you might be located on the weekends. Let us know if this helps you stay engaged at times with God and Journey.

Hope to see you at Journey on the weekend.

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