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Dream Bigger

Many of you are aware I returned from California after Christmas with a horrible head cold. I am happy to report after a couple weeks, it is 95% cured. I took all the over the counter Meds available. In the end, a cold must run its course; after about ten days I began to improve.

I noticed the benefits from taking cold medication, I was able to sleep more soundly and restfully. A weird side effect after I stopped taking medication; I noticed how much I was dreaming every night. Maybe I’ve always been dreaming but was so drugged I wasn’t able to remember? In any case, I have been remembering my dreams now that the cold is almost completely gone.

Last night was the weirdest. I didn’t tell Connie this, but I am going to trust you that you understand, I’ve been taking medicine. I woke up this morning and vividly remember catching a mouse with a string. No kidding, I was holding the end of a string and a mouse was tied on the other end. To make it even more bizarre the mouse was wearing my wrist watch around his neck. I’m not making this up. Drugs are powerful - even over the counter; just saying.

In the Bible, I’ve noticed that people dreamed a lot. Usually their dreams were not about a mouse stealing a wristwatch but they often had a God-purpose. God communicated with people through dreams before the Bible was recorded. Understanding a God-dream in the Bible required an interpretation from a person sometimes known as a prophet or person designated by God to share a message.

I was just now reading again how Joseph, in Genesis chapter 37, had dreams that his entire family would eventually bow down to serve his leadership. At the time it seemed a foolish and impossible dream. His family and brothers scoffed and mocked him for such an idea. However, if you read the rest of the story through several more chapters God actually did exactly what Joseph had dreamed.

Have you lost your dreams about the person you might become? Have you given up on prayers you imagined long ago? Maybe even worse, have you forgotten Who God is? God can do anything. Don’t stop dreaming. (Not about a mouse) Dream and imagine what God might do next in your life.

This weekend we return to our series in the Bible from Ephesians, chapter two. We’ll explore practical and helpful steps for Getting Past Our Past. Whatever obstacles or roadblocks have prevented us from elevating our faith to a higher level it’s never too late. It’s not over.

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