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Trash Day

As Connie left early this morning headed to a Bible Study Fellowship group in Lexington, she reminded me, “Today is trash day.” So, before I came to town I rolled our two plastic trash can containers out to the roadway with our dubious leftovers discarded from the previous week. In every direction I looked, others had pulled their trash to the curb as well. Today is clearly garbage collection day in our neighborhood.

This weekend we continue our series, Getting Past Our Past. The Apostle Paul wrote a letter to the church meeting in Ephesus regarding what’s next for me after I begin to follow Jesus. We’ve been discovering relevant practical Biblical principles for elevating our faith. Many of you have been tracking with us in one of our weekend services and our Facebook streaming online.

So far we’ve discovered from Ephesians chapter one and two, that Jesus followers learn to believe God more, know God more, see God more, trust God more, and this weekend - engage God more. In Chapter two, verses 11-22 this weekend we’re guided to make peace with God and each other.

When we regularly seek God and engage His mission to include everyone in His family many things that separate us get worked out for the better. Letting God lead helps us to embrace the mission of peace on earth for people of all shapes, sizes and differences. We’re in this together.

Getting along together and making up - more often than breaking up - is something like trash day in our own little neighborhoods of the world. Everybody has some trash (sin) to discard. There are regrets, mistakes and poor choices that pile up like a box full of those white Styrofoam packing cubes. We want to dispose of them as soon as possible. But they have an uncanny way of sticking to our hands, spilling over everywhere except in the trash can.

Your trash receptacle may be cleaner and newer and tidier than mine. Still, trash is trash and sin is sin, and everybody has some. We all have a past, but there is Good News - because of Jesus, our trash gets taken to the curb each time we ask His forgiveness.

The more I think about trash day the more I appreciate my trash man (Jesus) who comes to my house (my life) each day to make things in my life smell much better. If you are like me, I imagine you’re happy to say thank you also.

Join us this weekend and bring a guest. We’re in this together. We’re getting rid of some of the garbage in our life that gets stinky and piles up. Mercy me, thank you Jesus.

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