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Laundry Notes

My wife just confirmed that I am getting better with the laundry business at our house. A few weeks back, I mentioned how most of our married life, I thought the washer and dryer were convenient tables for laying stuff down on if your hands were full. Last year Connie was out of town for a couple weeks and my clean clothes began to disappear. I was forced into learning how to do a load of laundry or go to Wal-Mart and buy new underwear. I chose the higher road.

I am proud to share that after years and years of letting Connie do all the laundry, I am beginning to catch on - which knobs to push and how much detergent goes inside. I have a secret to share. None of this would have been possible if I didn’t have a small post-it note on the laundry cabinet door which explained step by step what to do.

Call me laundry-challenged or whatever, but I needed something simple and easy to follow without a home economics degree. Before Connie left town, I jotted down a few steps to make laundry come out smelling and looking like new. There is nothing amazing about the steps. Anyone could read and follow them. You might even say, they are elementary and beneath an adult person who should already know this stuff. If that is how you feel, I plead guilty.

This week I was putting together another load of laundry. I had to pause and ask for some tutoring if dark colored towels are permitted with dark colored clothing. So far I have avoided changing all my white t-shirts to pink or green by just touching base with the laundry queen before anything gets dumped in the water.

In a funny sort of way, I believe a short list of laundry notes posted on a cabinet door for new people in the laundry room could serve as a reminder; always make things simple and clear. Curious people just learning about Jesus stuff can easily get lost in too many details. An instruction Book for life called the Bible with 1,189 chapters and over 773,000 words seems too much to tackle.

This weekend our Journey worship continues with the winter series, Getting Past Your Past. This series is right out of the Bible (Ephesians) with very practical and helpful directions when you’re ready for more out of your life. We discover answers for what’s next after we become Jesus followers.

This weekend we share three simple steps to a better version of you; it’s like doing laundry. Step 1 - KNOW more Jesus. Step 2 - GROW like Jesus more. Step 3 – GO help another person do the same.

Jesus makes everyone clean and fresh again. We’re in this together. Bring a new guest to join us. KNOW, GROW, GO…

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