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Learning New Things

I watched a basketball game last night that went four overtimes. By the end, several players had fouled out of the game; most of the players on both teams had given out. Athletes have super endurance from hours of training, but even they have limits. We all play and work really hard most days until we’re finally forced to throw in the towel and admit, “I’m done.”

Are you new at following Jesus? If so, I imagine the whole church scene was a little strange at first. Where are the bathrooms? Is there childcare for children of all ages? How long will these services last? Will I know anyone else? Did I dress OK for the occasion? All these unknowns can leave us a bit exhausted.

Trying anything new for the first time can present a lot of questions. We understand the dilemma a guest might face when arriving for worship for the first time. So, we try to answer some of those questions on our website in a helpful fashion before you ever make your first trip through the Journey doors.

We believe that if we can make that first experience a good one by helping with many of your questions and concerns, our chances of seeing you again are greatly increased. If you’ve had no former experience in any church, or it has been a long time since you attended regularly, our plan is to help you relax and not feel nervous about coming inside. We constantly say, “We are in this together, like a family.”

This weekend we return to our winter series, Getting Past Our Past. This is a very practical series taken from the Bible to guide us as we grow more like Jesus. This weekend we’ll discover strength we don’t naturally have. God’s strength is given to each of us when we surrender to Jesus. If you’ve ever felt something was missing in your life, or that your life lacked power and energy, this lesson may be exactly the answer you need.

This weekend is also our INVITE to celebrate your Jesus decision publically and be baptized. If you have felt like God was tugging you closer and closer to a public decision, this weekend might be your chance. Let us know if we can help you do this. Just call the office or come by and we’ll discuss how everything works.

If your life ever feels like it has gone into four overtimes, this weekend may renew your hope again. Join us in either our Saturday@6pm or Sunday @10:30am. Just relax; we’re all learning new things. We’re in this together.

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