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Time gets away

I was talking to a good friend today who once served on my church staff in Texas. He agonized that he would be forty this year. The longer we talked and did the math in our heads, both of us realized I was forty-four and he was fresh out of college when I first met him years ago. As we were catching up on life, silently I wondered how things might be drastically different if we both could go back and do it all over again?

Maybe I would be a better coach and friend. Maybe the team wouldn’t break up as soon. We had a great run together and it was a lot of fun. I realize nothing lasts forever but if I wrote a “Dear Younger Me,” letter it might say, “Dude, loosen up, laugh more and have some fun.” Just saying.

This weekend at Journey we continue a series that has been getting a lot of attention on social media and our weekend services. Many of our key numbers are trending upward this year. People are staying engaged with this series titled, Getting Past Your Past from Ephesians in the Bible. We are having a lot of fun.

Our FB live streaming has enabled several guests to follow along with us from other locations. Randy is working on an upgrade that will improve our online streaming even more. Check it out this weekend if you’re not able to be in the audience. I tried to explain to my friend on the phone this morning, “How things are going at Journey?” I said everything is “real” each day at Journey. God is “real.”

If you were with us last weekend and saw the baptism at the end - well, what can I say? You know what I am saying; God shows up in crazy kind of exciting ways here all the time. We give away cars to people who have jobs but walk to work. We partner with non-profits to help build homes for people who can’t qualify for a home through traditional banking. We gave away nearly $44,000 to 491 families from our pocket change dumped into a Tide Jug bottle sitting on the stage each weekend since 2010.

God is doing stuff. When the door opens, God walks in too. Just saying. Check us out.

Bring a guest and see what happens. We can all stop running. God is for us; not against us. His message brings hope to everyone. Let’s do this; time gets away. Life’s too short to get side tracked and distracted.

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