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Identity Theft

During my drive time home recently I caught a story on KLOVE news about a family who had lived in San Diego, California for twenty years but moved away. While settling in another city and state it was discovered eight people over a few years had stolen and been using the husband’s social security number to purchase cars and homes using this man’s identity.

Having your identity hacked, stolen, or compromised in any way is such a bad feeling. Connie and I were once broken into at our home and robbed of some family items with irreplaceable memories . This invasion of privacy, however it happens to someone, can leave us feeling helpless and angry at the same time.

I have another friend whose son went away to college and discovered his identity had been stolen online. After three years of trying to scrub everything that was ever associated with the college students ID, my friend said bogus purchases that were made with stolen information still appear even years later. That’s just not right.

This weekend at Journey we’ll poke around in Ephesians chapter four once again in our winter series, Getting Past Your Past. This part of the Bible s a very practical and relevant for those who follow Jesus. We’re discovering insight for elevating our impact each day when we begin to follow Jesus closely. You should check us out and join us this weekend. If you’re busy or out of town this weekend you may want to engage with our live stream on Facebook.

To follow Jesus closely is never instant and automatic. There are moments, for each of us, like Micah Tyler sings, “I’ve been a sinner. I’ve been a saint. Sometimes in the same day.” It’s as if someone has stolen our identity and we’re not being the person we really want to be. The Truth is, that someone has stolen away our identity; the enemy Satan (John 10:10). The Good News is that God is bigger than our problems. Jesus promises that God never loves us any less in those moments when we are pulled apart by our desires. People Matter Most.

We really are in this together. Join us and bring a new guest; who knows it may be the start of something new in their life also. Let me give a shout out to all of you who are staying engaged and connected at Journey this year. Our numbers are trending up in all the ways we can measure. Keep it up as we move closer toward Easter. Who knows what God might do next?

Go God. Let’s do this. Changing the world where we live for better. Thank you again for helping us love God and love people.

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