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Walk Please

Remember when you were in first grade and full of energy - bolting out the door of life every day? My excitement of a new opportunity at that age was almost more than I could contain. I vividly remember adults always reminding me to slow down, walk please, at the most inopportune time.

During those early years of development, many of us were hardwired to burst into a sprint at a moment's notice. It was in our mental makeup and came naturally to us. Were you one of those kids that was constantly tapping a foot on the floor or drumming your fingers on a table? We needed motion and space to move around; it felt like we might burst inside, if this enthusiasm was stifled in a stuffy chair somewhere.

Later, we grew and discovered our moving through a room at full speed could have unpleasant consequences. A time-out was worse than getting a couple licks on the bottom. Usually following a spilling or breaking sort of accident in the house. Mom (or someone) firmly explained to us, "If you want to see your next birthday, it’s time to throttle things back when indoors."

As a pastor, I have the privilege of helping many people go public with their Jesus decisions. Through the years, in a funny sort of way, no matter the age of the person, I have noticed a childlike enthusiasm on that day of the decision. People often fully expect the development process, becoming more like Jesus is going to go faster than it usually does. We may prematurely imagine Jesus saying that we are now ready and fully prepared to change the world for better. Very few are actually thinking about all the baby steps in our faith development as a Jesus follower.

We’re in this together. Most of us are not so good being patient as first graders at school or first timers with Jesus. After a few mess ups and slip ups, Jesus comes along and whispers, "Slow down, walk please."

This weekend at Journey, our winter series, Getting Past Your Past, will take a look at three vital steps in our early development before we’re ready to run faster through life, with Jesus in the lead. We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our services or following with us through our live streaming on Facebook.

Maybe this is the weekend you can invite a guest to join you? Let them know this is the kind of place where anyone could really feel they belong. Even those who still want to run in the house.

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