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You Can Do This

College basketball is preparing to crown a 2016-2017 National Champion. Every team is jockeying for seeding in the NCAA Tournament that will be announced this weekend. Regardless of a teams record throughout the season, each team gets one final shot to perform at its highest level. Coaches will give their most inspiring locker room speeches hoping their team may prevail.

This weekend at Journey worship we are wrapping up our ten-week series, Getting Past Our Past. From every angle I can see, this series from Ephesians in the Bible has been a winner. As the season continued week after week, our fan base grew with people engaging with our weekend event. The enthusiasm and momentum has grown larger each week.

This weekend is the final episode in the story for what’s next if you have gone public with a Jesus decision. This part of the Bible is written to first-century people who came from diverse religious and non-religious backgrounds. Through various circumstances, all of them came to hear, learn and believe that Jesus really is for everyone.

In this last chapter, we’ll discover words that sound something like the coach in the locker room: Doing life after choosing Jesus is a fight to the finish. Every team has an opponent who wants to be stronger. When we make our Jesus decision to follow Him as a disciple we also have an opponent wanting to throw of our game (John 10:10).

Whatever hurdles and struggles have occurred in your life recently, this lesson may be the best medicine for helping us stay healthy and in the game. When we’ve had chronic illness, loss of income, or maybe tension in a relationship it can feel just like falling behind in a big game. Whatever the score right now, God is bigger than your problems.

Join us in one of our weekend services or catch this lesson on our Facebook live streaming Sunday morning. You can also use our Journey app to engage with us for this message or others.

We are in this together. You can do this. Bring a guest and help them get something started this week also. Tell them to check things out at church where the doors are opened and people just roll in. Go Team…

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