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Pray More

We begin a new four-week spring series this weekend at Journey, Elijah. You may be surprised how relevant and current this Bible story is for modern events. Elijah, the spokesperson for God, finds himself living in a culture with really, really bad leaders. As a matter of fact this part of the Bible says that the people in power were more evil than ever before.

These were desperate times for many people who had limited resources. Even those who had abundant resources saw them begin to dwindle. Throughout the story of God in this section of the Bible Elijah calls God’s family, the Israelites to repent and awaken and once again follow Jehovah God.

This week has worn me down a bit. The cold and bitter March weather that returned after spring like temperatures in February, took the energy right out of me. Many people are still struggling since Christmas with various illnesses. There are seasons of life when we just have to endure through prayer.

If you are feeling as though you really need a prayer right now, this new series might be for you. Elijah is a God-story of faith, prayer, and miracles. Maybe you know someone who has been ready to give up. This series might really help them also to fight through discouragement and discover renewed purpose and strength.

There are many ways to do it. Just do it any way you can. Pray more and pray for others more. I pray down the alphabet in my phone contact list. Everyone is struggling with something and can use a prayer.

Join us this weekend in one of our services or follow along with us and engage the series through our Sunday live stream on Facebook. I promise you this story of God and people just like us will inspire you to grow deeper faith.

And by the way, a bonus; the weekend is warming up. I already feel much better just knowing the thermometer is rising again. Let’s do this together. Bring a guest and keep filling this place up. Easter is coming and we’re praying and planning on running out of seats. God can do anything.

Our doors are open. Saturday @6pm and Sunday @10:30am. Come and check things out where we’ll do almost anything to make your day better tomorrow than it was today.

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