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Laugh More

If it is in the Bible, it is true. Say Amen! The Bible says the best medicine is often not steroids or antibiotics. You don't need a prescription from your family doctor or clinic for it. This medicine is readily available to everyone regardless your healthcare plan. What is it?

What is the miracle cure? Here you go: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” Proverbs 17:22 NLT

This weekend at Journey we continue our spring series from the Bible, 1 Kings, chapter 18. We will take another look at the amazing story of God’s person of faith, Elijah.

Last weekend, 1 Kings chapter 17 introduced the remarkable story of God growing Elijah’s faith to trust God more. All of us were pulled into Elijah’s story; it’s also our story. "Really, God? Is that the best you have?" Sometimes we’ve asked the same questions.

The circumstances Elijah found himself in were, at times, laughable; fed by birds each day, hiding out in a dried up riverbed in the wilderness. Followed by miraculous oil and flour that never ran out in a widow's cupboard. Impossible? Yes, except God is our provider; He can do anything.

This weekend in our Saturday Journey @6pm and Sunday @10:30am, we’ll check out the beat down that Elijah (one single, hometown boy) gives to the hundreds of bad guys, who worship a false god. It’s another example that God can rescue us from every impossible situation.

Join us and invite a guest. We’ll open the doors and make anyone feel welcome, right at home. Our Easter momentum continues to grow. Thanks for what you are doing every day to make someone smile. It really is the best medicine.

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