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Tiny Prayer

Spring break has begun in our area. Many people are traveling to destinations this weekend. I am excited for everyone who has an opportunity to escape the normal routines of your schedule. Go for it. Put on your best smile and scatter some random acts of kindness all over the map. Open doors, buy an extra latte for someone at the counter of your favorite coffee shop. It’s nice to be nice.

Besides the calendar confirming that spring is here, our weather is also feeling much nicer if you like those warmer temps. With spring, come many allergies and respiratory illness. Several schools in our area started spring break early to let families recover from the winter illness. I’ve continued to pray each day for several of the Journey family who have dealt with extended sickness. Prayers matter.

If you are in town this weekend please join us and bring a guest. You can help our audience when many are away. This weekend our spring series from Elijah takes a fresh look at the powerful prayer of one man who prayed earnestly. If you are familiar with this part of the Bible in 1 Kings 17-18, you may remember that Elijah predicted it would not rain for 3.5 years because of an evil King. When God says so, it is going to happen!

Maybe you are one of those who has struggled with discouragement because of health, finances, uncertainty, or strained relationships. Maybe you also have prayed but wondered why nothing has changed. I hope you’ll join us in person or engage with us in our live stream on Facebook on Sunday. I am positive there are a few take-aways for everyone in this message.

One thing I am sure, regarding prayer - God doesn’t waste even the tiniest prayer that is prayed. We may not see the results soon (maybe ever), but He does use our prayer to change things. Sometimes, He changes us rather than our circumstance. It’s not a trick like a magician on TV. God truly engages with each of us when we just have a God conversation.

I want to thank those of you at Journey who have made an extra effort to elevate your giving at Journey. We are trending up and that is exciting to see. For the first time in our history we have the opportunity to end 2017 in the black. We’ve been getting closer since last year. This could be the year. God doesn’t waste the tiniest gift, either - whatever your level of generosity.

Looking forward to the weekend and more from Elijah. Just a couple weekends until Easter arrives; we’re praying, planning, and prepping for new guests to join us. Thanks again for your sharing INVITE to Easter. It’s going to be exciting. God can do anything! Go God!

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