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Hang On

The local weather is reporting most of Kentucky is in the enhanced risk zone. This is the next level above slight risk for damaging winds and hail from strong storms that move through Wednesday night into Friday. We had temps that reached nearly 80 degrees yesterday and then plummet to near freezing temps Friday night. Is that crazy or what?

Everyone’s springtime weather can be wild and extreme; changing rapidly in many places, all over the map. Our weather may feel like riding a wild roller coaster up and down, all around. You are likely holding on for dear life until it is over!

Yesterday morning, the local TV weatherman was sharing words of caution just in case. He suggested we stay alert for whatever was moving through the area. That’s great advice for just about everything in life, not just weather changes. We’re wrapping up the spring series, Elijah, this weekend at Journey. If you are in town join us and bring a guest to one of our services. If you are traveling and out of town, looking to stay engaged with this series join us Sunday morning on our live stream through Facebook.

We discovered last weekend (1 Kings 18) when unexpected, unwanted, uncertain events appear in our life, powerful prayer can be the equalizer. This week in the finale from 1 Kings 19 we’ll discover even a man of God, powerful in prayer like Elijah has moments. There are seasons of storms that bring great discouragement, despair, and even depression.

If you’ve ever felt like the roof is about to blow off, and all is going to be lost, this lesson from the Bible may help. We’ll learn what the steps to depression may look like; then share what’s the 'God-prescription' for getting well. Whatever kind of weather you may be having in your personal life, remember, God is bigger and He can do anything.

We’re in this together, whatever storms arrive. Tie down and secure everything you can, especially those garbage can lids. Wow, mine can blow away like a Frisbee in the wind. Somebody would be rich if they figured out how to get the trashcan lid to stay with the trashcan. Just saying.

Keep smiling. The sun is going to shine again; hang on.

And don’t forget Easter is next weekend. Research says people who don’t go to church would likely to go if you (a friend) would invite them to be YOUR guest.

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