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In a few days, the entire world will recognize the most important event in history - Easter Sunday. What are your plans? Even if you’re unable to join us in person at Journey or engage with our live stream on Facebook, I hope you will partner with someone somewhere to remember who Jesus is.

In spite of a world that is often fractured and fighting, searching for anything that seems fresh and new, Easter still matters a lot. Believers who follow Jesus can offer real solutions for social change, justice and evil in the world. We hold fast to the hope and belief that God is still directing the affairs of the world throughout human history, to the very end of all things. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega for every human being.

While we wait, those who follow Jesus as Christians are to be engaged in partnership with God and His kingdom on earth. We are sent and commissioned to enter neighborhoods that were given up for dead, and bring new life and restoration. It’s not over for anyone and it's never too late for neglected communities to be restored. It will, however, take newly-minted partnerships by every family of God and every person who loves Jesus on earth.

Join us this weekend as we share an Easter conversation for those who may be far from God and those who are seated at the table. Bring the skeptic and the doubter to the Cross and let’s see what happens when Truth is shared and people are welcomed to a better version of life through Jesus. We’re like a growing family where anyone can feel they belong.

This could be your (our) best moment so far in 2017. Small things do matter. How you choose to spend your Easter weekend and whom you might INVITE to be your guest could literally alter the trajectory of the human race for generations to come. One family, one person who makes a forever Jesus discovery may change business, education, health care, politics, and our community for years to come.

Looking forward to what God might do through all of you who call Journey your family. Thank you for your boldness to help God create new and fresh ways to think about Jesus at Easter. Thank you for partnering with God and partnering to rebirth new communities of Jesus followers.

Thank you partner.

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