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Be Our Guest, Again

Every church family I know struggles with the after-Easter let down. There is such a huge push and emphasis given in preparation for the annual Easter events. After weeks and months of planning and daily prayers for success it’s impossible not to exhale a bit. Thanks again to every volunteer in every church family who went the extra mile to make new people feel welcomed and make God look good!

Easter crowds tend to trend upward if for no other reason it’s a well-established holiday on our calendar, like Christmas. Family and friends often come to town and share the excitement. It’s also a natural moment for many people to give church a try again, or for the first time, just because it’s been on their to-do-list.

Even the weather usually plays a part in our Easter services. Whatever happened on Easter in your community it is also a pattern that the audience is typically smaller the week after. That may be true for most of us who are planning what’s next after Easter services. This got me to thinking about the follow up for Easter.

Let’s just accept that the size of the audience doesn’t have to be a huge downer after Easter. What if we tried to stimulate the new Easter guests to come back for a second walk through in one of our “normal” services? How would we do that? At Journey we have systematic follow up each week. There are electronic and hard copy pieces of communication to every person who attends as a first time guest and those who are returning guests.

I expect some of the guests who came last weekend for Easter will also come this weekend or very soon because we are asking them to be our guest again. If you invited a guest and they came with you for Easter, why not invite them to return with you this week? If you made an invitation but your guest couldn’t make it for Easter, the Sunday after would be a great time for them to be your guest.

This week at Journey we begin a five-week series, Elements, that is especially for new Easter guests and those returning. We’ll take a look each week at WHY churches do what they do in their services. This weekend is a chance to discover more about communion. What is that really about and what did Jesus have in mind when He started this practice with His disciples just before going to the Cross.

This will be a perfect series to help you, and others, better understand the Bible's instructions for corporate worship with other Jesus followers. Join us in one of our weekend services or online on our Sunday morning live stream on Facebook.

I hope you will be our guest again.

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