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Dream Big

Randy and I are in an Orlando hotel for Exponential Church Planting Conference 2017. We’ve been laughing, sharing, and learning for a couple days now. We flew down with another 5,000 or so fellow church planters and multipliers.

Tomorrow things wrap up at noon with the final speaker, Francis Chan. I’ve heard him in person and read several of his books. Randy and I both agree, we fully expect this last day will knock it out of the park for everyone. Three days of intense worship of God and training to grow bigger dreams for Him and His mission is life transformational.

We are not the same two guys who left the airport Monday evening saying goodbye to loved ones. And it isn’t just the city we fly to or the weather outside in Florida, even though it is very nice. It’s even more than the down time away from regular office schedules. The greatest influencer at work for most people at a conference like this is growing our heart for God and hearing His voice without the normal clutter of everyday life.

Our plates have been cleared of everything except God and His glory. We return home inspired to dream bigger dreams with all of you at Journey. We hope some of you will join us in renewing your own God size dreams in our community and world.

Maybe you wonder how would you do that? Maybe you’re thinking you can’t fly away to Florida this year. Hey, can we be honest? God isn’t limited. He finds us wherever we are. He will find you and search you out. He loves you even when you can’t believe it. Even when it feels you’ve been passed over again.

Clear away some clutter. Carve out some time to let dreams grow again in your life. Arrive at worship this weekend somewhere, anywhere. Arrive with an expectation God will show up with you. Make your worship for God and about God.

Dream Big. All to the glory of God.

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