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A Purposeful Day

For several years in Midland, Texas I joined public officials in the city square to pray for leaders in America on the first Thursday of May, designated as National Day of Prayer. This public prayer time was scheduled at noon and was usually completed in an hour. People arrived and sat in chairs, risers and on benches. When filled, others sat on the grass or stood in the shade of trees.

It was mostly quiet and reverent in the crowd with little small talk. The audience was there to listen to the spoken prayers and offer a silent prayer or both. As a local pastor several times I was on the list to pray at the microphone. A selected topic was given on a printed bulletin to each person to pray and in order. One after another persons came and spoke a short prayer for all types of officials and leaders in America.

Looking back on this annual National Prayer event, I believe it did matter. I know it mattered to me; it seemed to matter to several hundred others who scheduled this each year. I think it mattered to God who was listening. There are certainly other ways to pray but being in the center of a city and being very public about prayer was a traffic stopper for a good reason. I think God and Country are honored and people are reminded that prayer matters.

How is your day today? Is it feeling purposeful and does it seem to really matter in the bigger scheme of life? If you are a bit weary from the weather or the lack of rest from a busy hurried lifestyle, a moment today for prayer may help you also. I am sure you have already included some prayers in this day. You may have even attended a public event yourself. Might I suggest however you pray today it’s time well spent in our everyday world.

If you have a huge obstacle in front of you that seems like a roadblock to a better, healthier future this could be the moment for you to address this to a Good, Good Father. He does listen to everything and He knows everything about us. It is Truth: God is for us and not against us.

Hey, even if you can’t join an organized group for prayer today, just setting aside ten or fifteen minutes for serious and focused prayer thoughts with God could make this a purposeful experience for both you and God.

I was always inspired when sharing a few words in public regarding God as a loving and caring Father. Maybe today is a good day for you to find some inspiration through scheduled prayer. Hoping you will have a few moments to give it a try.

God is good.

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