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Mighty Mom

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, always the second Sunday in May. I hope you are planning to say, “Thank You, Mom!” There is not a more deserving person to be found anywhere for special recognition. Way to go MOMS; you rock the cradle, and that helps us all keep the world from total chaos. Great job, MOMS!

Hats off to my mom and my wife, the mother of our three grown children and to moms everywhere in the world. Hats off to those grandparents, foster parents, adoptive parents, nursery workers, caregivers, and host homes for children of all sizes that play the role of moms each day. The world becomes a much better place because of the daily sacrifices that are made by moms. We love you!

This weekend Journey will have a special message designed to share our thanks for moms. We have some gifts for every mom to take home and the weather is looking fabulous for lunches with mom after worship. We’ll return to our current series titled Elements next week, but this weekend for Mother’s Day, I’ll share a message titled Mighty Moms. I hope you can join us.

If you’re a mom, you may not get to wear a cape at your house very often. We believe you deserve one. Join us this weekend at Journey and bring your mom or any mom whom may be without family this Sunday. We’ll help her feel appreciated and special. If it’s not possible for your mom to join us in person maybe you can invite her to join in with our Sunday Facebook livestream.

Journey is a place everywhere can feel welcomed. Bring a Journey guest on Mother’s Day and lets all say, Thank You to Mom!

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