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School is winding down in many places this week and next. Graduation exercises are being enjoyed and people are getting ready for a summer change of schedule. It can be a very exciting time for most of us. Journey is excited also that summer brings new opportunities. God is good.

This weekend at Journey we are returning to our series ELEMENTS, answering the WHY questions of worship planning. This week we’ll discover a couple of factors for using a sermon/talk to present a 'God message' each weekend. I think you’ll find some positive things in the Bible for that one.

After an exciting Mother’s Day weekend with our message Mighty Mom’s last week (check it out if you missed this lesson), the approaching weekend has some news we’ll share publically for the first time which can stir even more excitement and enthusiasm at the Journey family.

We’ve known about this decision for a few weeks and shared it with the lead team that meets monthly for planning and support. We’ve kept this news under wraps until now for greatest impact and we’re excited to be able to announce this now with everyone.

I am positive that you are going to be excited when you learn the next step in following God toward this great adventure of faith called Journey Church. Wow, God. This really looks like fun. God is good.

I am looking forward to returning to our series ELEMENTS and also announcing this really exciting news for all of us. Bring a guest to join us and help celebrate that God can do anything. Our best days are still in front of us. In just a couple of months, Journey will celebrate ten years of ministry in our community. No one could imagine the exciting impact Journey is making in the world.

Bring a smile and grab a seat and a cup of coffee as we launch farther into our future together with God and His mission. Invite people who don’t go to Church to check out a place where everyone is like family and always feels welcome.

God is good.

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