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Delays and Wrong Turns

Yesterday I nearly missed the traditional birthday dinner with my wife. I was stuck in five o’clock traffic. We had been together earlier in the day and I asked her to go ahead and order for me if she got to the restaurant first. We both had a couple of errands and appointments to make before a birthday meal.

As I wrapped up my work I texted Connie and said, “I’m on the way.” Unfortunately I took the worst possible route to arrive at the birthday dinner destination with my wonderful wife. I had even gotten suggestions on the quickest travel in the traffic but as I pulled into the flow of cars in front of me, I realized I was taking a wrong turn. It was too late.

Fortunately I did arrive in time to enjoy a great meal. However, I felt badly that I was causing the birthday lady to wait for my arrival. Our food had been simmering under warming lights longer than I expected. Isn’t that just like our best plans? When we’re in the biggest hurry ever, we make a wrong turn and delay our expected arrival and destination.

This weekend we wrap up the spring series, Elements. For the last five weekends we’ve answered some of the why questions in our worship services each week. This final lesson is baptism. We’ll use the Bible to explain the method of baptism in the Bible has always been the same. Every person in the early Church who believed Jesus was God’s Son and our Savior made a public decision to be baptized by immersion. It always was a decision you made for yourself; no one else can do this for you.

You may have grown up in a tradition that was a little different. We’re not asking you to choose sides. We’re just being honest and real and stating that in the Bible this is what baptism always looked like once a person surrendered to Jesus. It’s not a trick. We hope you can join us and invite a guest to discover what the Bible really says about a vital and relevant topic today.

If you are a regular at Journey and have been considering your own public decision this would be a great weekend to make things real for you. Maybe you’ve heard plenty of instructions and you really do intend to arrive at your own Jesus party. Maybe your life has just been so cluttered like heavy traffic at five o’clock you’ve been delayed?

Let me know how we can help. We’ll keep the water warm as long as we need. Just get here soon as you can this weekend. Come on in the waters fine. Knowing Jesus is even better than chocolate birthday cake and ice cream. Jesus really is a party for everybody to enjoy! It’s not too late for you.

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