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In it to Win it

Life is sometimes like being a game show contestant. We work really hard to get an opportunity to compete in a contest that promises great riches. Then when the moment of truth arrives, our worthy opponent reaches for the buzzer with the winning answer before we can.

It’s all over just like that. Our dream of winning big is finished in an instant. The panel of friendly judges wave goodbye as we disappear from the stage. If you are a mom, or playing the role of a mom, today your life can be overwhelming. It’s a lot of work being the primary caregiver and bottle feeder at three in the morning to a very demanding four-month-old.

If you are working more than one job trying to piece together enough stable income to meet your expenses, you’re probably also missing sleep. I get it; life can push us into a tight spot. It’s a symptom of the fast paced world we are a part of today.

Everyone is working harder and longer hours even though we have more tools intended to shorten the day. No matter how well you plan or how much help you have, life can wear us all down. Some days we just need a little relief and rest for an hour or two.

This weekend our summer series Why Church begins. If you are in town, join us and bring a seat-buddy to join us. Life is so hectic and it can be such a hassle to line everything and everyone up on a weekend. I understand the challenges of tight schedules and small margins of time. We’re in this together. I promise you, we’ll use your time in a way that is helpful for your life in the fast lane.

Journey is using numerous electronic tools and every resource to engage you more often and offer support in your life. I believe this series can really help us clarify the things that matter most in life. We desire to grow community with more and more people who find us and then share with their friends.

This is a place anyone could belong. Jesus is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody. Jesus is with us all! He is in it to win it… for us…

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