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Fishing with the Guys

Father’s Day weekend is a great time to go through the treasure chest of memories and find something positive to share about Dad. Even if you and your Dad have been (or are) at odds there is certainly something good to say about them.

Sometimes Dads let us down. They can work too many hours and be absent too often. They may struggle with demons of addiction. They may struggle to show love in a kind way. There is no excuse for bad behavior and unloving gestures; no matter who is doing them. Whether your father-experience was great, or something you want to forget - I hope you will find healing from being nice to others whenever you can.

If your Dad was a positive force but is no longer on earth, maybe you want to capture a memory that confirms that he was a key person who did his best. Way to go, Dad.

One thing a lot of dads enjoy(ed) is fishing. Every Dad probably has a fishing story of the one that got away, or the one over the mantle in the family room. In some memory of life Dad baited hooks, dug for worms, cleaned fish or fried them up for all to enjoy. Dads have some kind of natural affinity for fishing and eating fish.

This weekend we continue our summer series, Why Church? I am using the dad-like insight and understanding of a fisherman to teach what Jesus has in mind for us (all of us) to cast a net or fishing line for people.

Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

If you are in town, bring your Dad to Journey weekend. You can buy him a fish sandwich or burger and fries for lunch afterwards. I promise he’ll enjoy his time with you and have a lot of fun in this Journey together.

If you are traveling this weekend to see your dad, blessings on you and your time together; Happy Father’s Day.

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