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Open Doors

I learned something recently about assumptions. I’ll tell you more about that in just a second. First, let me say the weather and day is wonderful. In Kentucky, where I live, there is blue sky, sunshine, low temps and low humidity. It is the perfect sort of day for the last day of spring. Summer officially starts tomorrow; we'd better get moving fast. All our summer plans are going to be gone and school shopping will just be around the corner.

Now, back to that thing about assumptions. Last week during one of these nearly perfect weather days, I had propped open our front doors as wide as they can go and was letting in the cool morning air. About half way through the morning, a lady walked inside the office area and said, “Hi, we could sure use a prayer today.”

I agreed to say a prayer, but also found out more of her story. Her husband was across the parking lot standing next to suitcases. They had broken down on an interstate, their car was towed, and they were stranded trying to get back to Alabama.

It’s a longer story, but in the end we were able to provide assistance. As I listened to the lady describe her morning, one sentence hung in the air longer for me than all the others. She explained to me the way she happened to inquire at Journey Church for a little help. She simply said, “I saw your doors open and I came in.”

It had never occurred to me before how small things can sometimes matter so much with people who are total strangers. I am afraid I’ve assumed too much regarding our front door appearance. We’re always open and we have seats and signs out front that look inviting. I just always assumed people who really need help would push on the door.

This weekend we’ll wrap up a series, Why (try) Church? The last part of this series is an invitation to serve others. How can we do that? Get real, Respond responsibly, Open our minds, and Work together. It’s the way the early Church grew and it’s the way you and I grow, by serving, not sitting.

It isn’t easy, but it is clear and simple. Change the world by helping people - however you can. Also, as a side note, maybe it’s a good time to rethink some of our assumptions at a place like Journey Church. We celebrate ten years of history in just a couple weeks. Never forget what it feels like to be the person outside, wondering if there is anybody in there who might say a prayer for you today!

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