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Connie and I are in Kansas City, Missouri at the 2017 North American Christian Convention this week. We’ve attended this gathering of thousands every year since 1980. It’s been amazing all these years reuniting in different cities and locations with friends and speakers we’ve met in ministry. It’s like belonging to a family because it really is a big Church family from everywhere.

Today, Craig Groschel, lead pastor of Life Church, with 80,000 people in 27 campuses kicked off the excitement. The bottom line and take away from a couple of hours listening: Help people stay engaged in the community throughout the week. Help them feel needed and known.

Journey is ten years old in a few weeks. We’ve made a ton of mistakes but also learned a few lessons along this Journey with God. One of those things that we repeat often, the Church that Jesus has in mind is a place everyone can belong. The world has changed a lot in the last ten years. It is more difficult to engage people with your mission. We’re still learning how to adapt and innovate ways to help you stay connected throughout the week.

Even if you’re unable to be in our weekend audience for one of our services we’re staying connected with other options. Technology lets us live stream our Sunday service when you are in other places around the world. Recently, one of our regular Journey regulars was in Japan for business and followed us on the Facebook live stream. The world is now much smaller; God’s reach is large.

Give some support and love to Randy and his worship team this weekend. He is sharing some of his passion in our worship services; sharing his heart for reaching more people in our community who don’t go to Church anywhere. “God’s heart and His Church is for everyone” as Craig Groeschel described. Not everyone knows that. We have to tell everyone.

Can I just say, thank you, Journey, for having a heart for the things Jesus has a heart for. People Matter Most. I love our brand and label in the community. We are a place everyone can feel welcome. Connie and I will see you next weekend again as we return from a few days in San Antonio with our daughter and her husband. We’ll start a new series July 8-9 from Proverbs, called Wisdom Words.

If you are in town this weekend, join the team of Journey volunteers. Make people smile. Especially people who've never imagined Church like this. It’s exciting to think about what God is preparing for the next ten years of Journey life in our community. Dream Big. GO God!

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