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The Comeback

Sports teams behind in a game need to score a basket, make a goal, kick a field goal, or score a run. Another way of saying that: they need a comeback. Danny Gokey is a Christian singer with a hit single, The Comeback, which pretty much declares that people everywhere have potential in Jesus for a comeback.

I’m really glad that the Bible promises when life looks like we’re down to our final swing at home plate in some terrible way; Jesus comes out of the dugout and steps up to bat in our place. Like that KLOVE song ringing in my ears, “Here comes the Comeback.”

This weekend Connie and I return from our travels and I am launching a new series taken from Proverbs in the Bible. We’ve titled this summer session, “Wisdom Words.” I am hoping many of you will be able to join in and grab a few thoughts that may really come in handy next time life seems overwhelming, or you just haven’t been on your best game for a few days or even weeks.

I promise you there are plenty of little gems and nuggets of relevant, practical, and helpful wisdom with truth found in this part of the Bible we’ll be sharing. I sure don’t know what to say many times when trouble appears. At other times I am sure I say too much. It takes God’s wisdom with our words and decisions to make the best of each situation.

Everyone has a story and only God can help us make it the best it can be. I hope you’ll include this series in your planning and scheduling for the next few weeks of summer.

Words and nails are such an odd paradox. They can be used to build or tear down. Jesus' accusers used both to crucify Him. Jesus used both to become the Savior of the world. I want to learn more about how Jesus does that and helps us do that in whatever way is needed.

Maybe you’re primed and ready for a meaningful comeback of some sort in your life right now. Join us for God’s Truth in His Wisdom Words.

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